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A few organizations just connect you to a producer and vanish. Abandoning you buried in miscommunication and quality issues. That is not the situation with DA Technology. We put correspondence and quality first, and we don’t compromise.

We maintain a 24-hour communication cycle that allows us to quickly identify and address issues early to ensure components and assemblies are produced and delivered on time, as promised. Your necessities are one of a kind, and we are certain our master group will distinguish a completely confirmed dependable provider to satisfy your exact details.

We practice in industrial fabricating, including precision castings and machining, plastic and shaped common elastic, and elastomer congregations. On the off chance that you have a consumer product you’d like a model of, we can help there as well.

From sporting goods to family unit items and pet supplies, we can enable you to locate the best plant for your assembling needs.

Product Concept

We’ve helped hundreds of inventors move their ideas into concepts. And we can help you too, whether you are just starting out on your own or have an established business with limited or over-extended design and engineering resources. With our knowledge of materials and manufacturing techniques — what is and is not practical or doable — we can guide you to a realistic and executable conceptualization of your product. Next we can help you assess marketability and crunch the numbers to gauge potential profitability. Then we refine the concept and move on to design.


Our prototypes let you market concepts and test feasibility.
Let’s face it: some of the best ideas land on the cutting room floor because many manufacturers just don’t have the engineering skill or ability to craft a suitable prototype. Without one, you can’t market a concept or accurately evaluate its production feasibility.

With our prototypes, we turn products into reality. We can produce them in a variety of ways using final, similar or composite materials, depending on your lead time and needs.


Take it easy, on the grounds that we handle all the coordinations and administrations expected to convey items from the manufacturing plant to your entryway. From sea cargo or air shipment; traditions freedom; obligations, duties and expenses; to rail or ground conveyance to your stockroom, we have it secured.

Every one of the charges and expenses related with coordinations administrations and traditions administration are incorporated into your statement. From deciding traditions arrangement to planning holder pressing and conveyance and everything in the middle of, our specialists have coordinations and conveyance down to a science.

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